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Ricardo Soria Senior editor

Vpnium allows you to connect to the Internet using proxy servers located in different countries. This way you can protect your privacy and hide your real IP address and location. The program provides you also with some basic functionality, such as anonymous web surfing and mailing.
In addition, it allows you to select the location of your fake IP address.

Vpnium does not offer you the standard main window or configuration panel – the program will install an icon on the system tray area instead. You can click or right-click on that icon to access the program's main menu. There you can select the location of the server where you want to get a fake IP address from, though the sole locations available initially are Luxembourg and Germany. Other locations in the list have been disabled – such as USA, Canada, and Russia –, and you will need to activate the "Boooost" functions in order to enable those additional locations.

You can activate the "Boooost" functions for free simply by accessing the developer's Facebook page and leaving a comment there about the program. Then you will get a code you can use to activate that extra functionality. Vpnium allows you to connect and disconnect to and from any available server at any time. Besides, you can select the connection protocol the program will use – either UDP (recommended) or TCP.

Finally, I must mention that the program installs and uninstalls a network driver – without your consent – every time you connect and disconnect to and from any of the proxy services. Unfortunately, this action may represent a security risk, and may bring instability to your system over time. In general terms, this program may be a good option for you if e-mailing and Web browsing in a secure and private way is all you need.


  • Allows you to select the location you want to get the fake IP address from.
  • Allows you to select the connection protocol.
  • The "Boooost" functions activation is free.


  • Does not offer a main window or configuration window.
  • You have to activate the "Boooost" functions to get full access to the program's features.
  • Installs and uninstalls a network driver on your system without your consent.

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